Many local adjusters have their own local restoration company business inside their pocket and they will be working eventually for the insurance carrier, NOT FOR YOU. The sad truth is that there is an “understanding” between insurance companies and local restoration providers.
It is a conflict of interests. Your restoration company should work for you. Make sure their estimate is such where your house will be TRULY restored and cleaned BUT if he will have a high estimate he won’t be hired again by the insurance company. That is why they MUST cut corners. Your corners. Unfortunately, this happens everyday. New england restoration don’t. We work for YOU.
You need a trustworthy company and you need them now!
We can help you immediately.  And most important, we work for you – not the insurance companies.

 And no worries, we will handle your insurance claim for you.
Your property is very important to you and your family and in a situation like this, many things can be damaged due to water. You don’t have to deal with this alone. We are here to help you with this step by step, in the safest way possible. Making sure you can get back to your life as soon as possible.

Sink overflow

"Has your property suffered from water damage? You have found the right company to help you in the most efficient and cost effective manner. We not only specialists in water damage repair, but also water damage restoration. Our team is trained and experienced to deal with any issue that may have caused the water damage. We will careful inspect your property and deliver it back completely dry, as well as sanitized and dehumidified."

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Toilet overflow



Pipe burst

Water damage is a common problem in Connecticut. You might experience it due to a burst pipe, your sink or toilet overflowed, a sump pump failure or weather conditions. Right now, your highest priority is to take action. Removing the water, drying out the area, clean & restore the property to its previous condition BEFORE mold appears. This is where we get into the picture.Water or flood damage can lead to mold & mildew. It is very important at this stage should you get a  water damage specialist to asses the damage ASAP. Act fast now and you can prevent further damage to your property and content.

Fire sprinkler flood

Sump pump failure

Water Damage Restoration 

Rain water

Flooded finished basement

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It is your legal right to choose any service provider you wish. Your insurance company is not allowed to require you to use a certain provider, although they often try. If you are having any problems with your selection of a provider, we will be your advocate, even if you don’t choose us!


Dishwashers water discharge

Flooded unfinished basement

What You Must Know About Your Water Damage Insurance!

Our Guarantee for Your  Home

Standing water

We provide you with highly competitive rates and a 100% GUARANTEE on all water damage services provided. Our water damage specialists go the extra mile to ensure you, the customer, are completely satisfied with our services, pricing, and professionalism starting from your initial call to us and ending when your property is fully clean and restored. We encourage comparing our services, pricing, and guarantee with other water damage restoration companies and are confident we will earn your trust.

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