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Residential UV Lights 

When you want to reduce the number of indoor air pollutants inside your home, you should consider a UV light purification system which can be placed either inside the evaporator coil of your AC unit or in the supply and return plenum near the air handler. Installing a high quality UV light system will improve your indoor air quality and make your entire home cleaner and healthier. It will also keep the air handler microbial and dirt free, improving system efficiency.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), “indoor levels of pollutants inside the home may be up to 100 times higher than outdoor levels.” The sun emits specific UV wavelengths that deactivate and destroy biological and chemical contaminants as they enter the atmosphere. A UV light purification system uses UVV and UVC wavelengths, the same rays produced by the sun, to destroy the tiny biological and chemical contaminants that can easily pass through even the highest quality air filter.

Many newer buildings are constructed to be tightly sealed and energy efficient, using a high percentage of recirculated air. However, the higher percentage of recirculated air means that more bacteria, viruses, mold spores, VOCs, fumes and odors are continuously recirculated throughout the building’s ventilation system. This is the air that you breathe on a daily basis!

According to the Journal of American Medical Association, “…the risk of respiratory infection is 45% higher among occupants of energy efficient buildings.” Installing a UV light purification system in your home can reduce the risk of illness, allergies, and eradicate foul odors caused by microbial growth. Our state of the art UV light purification systems will eliminate air pollutants from source and recirculated air.

With a UV light purification system, the evaporator coil continually basks in the UV germicidal energy, working to prevent and destroy the microbial contaminants. Without this purification system, a coil will naturally develop a film of microbial growth, become clogged, and greatly reduce the AC unit’s capacity to cool your home. When you use a UV light to keep your evaporator coil free of microbial growth, your system will run more efficiently, reduce energy costs and prolong the life of your AC unit.

Don’t wait any longer to start realizing the benefits of a UV light home purification system. 

HVAC UV lights:

  • Control mold and bacteria
  • Reduce colds and flus – germs are not re-circulated by HVAC system
  • Reduce smells / odors
  • Are more effective in humid climates than dry climates
  • Reduces clogging in condensate drain lines by preventing algae growth.
  • Maintain a cleaner coil, improving cooling efficiency and reducing electricity costs.

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