In-Duct Ultraviole Air Purifier

Designed to be installed in the return or supply plenum. As the airflow passes through the  R4000GX’s Aluminum Reflector Tube, the proprietary Sanuvox process destroys the contaminants that would otherwise be distributed throughout the ventilation system. These High-Efficiency Air Purifiers use a proprietary split UVC/UVV (Germicidal 254nm / Oxidizing 187nm) Lamp to destroy biological & chemical contaminants including odors. The 3 year warranty includes the UV Lamp & all replacement Lamps. Purifying area is up  to 4000 square feet.

Contaminated air enters the Sanuvox UV Air Purifier parallel to the UV Lamp, increasing contact time with the UV energy. The Turbulator slows, spins and mixes the air around the “J” Lamp. The UV-V section of the Lamp first destroys chemicals and odors. The UV-C germicidal section then destroys biological contaminants. The Aluminum Reflector Tube intensifies the UV energy for optimal purification. The treated air then circulates through the home ventilation system. After approximately 2 hours or operation, the Sanuvox purifier will have destroyed in excess of 80% (average) of the contaminants in the home.


- Eradicates bacteria, viruses and mold

- Destroys chemical and biological odors

- High Efficiency patented design

- High Intensity UVC/UVV Quartz Lamp

- Average UV intensity inside Aluminium Reflector Tube: R1700GX = 10,212 microwatts per/cm2 R4000GX = 16,479 microwatts per/cm2

- Most effective UV Air Purification System available

- LED “Smart Lamp System” Visual Status Display

- In-Duct installation for whole home purification

- 3 year warranty on parts including UV Lamp

- CSA C/US Certified & CE Approved


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