Buying an older home?

It is especially important to have your ducting cleaned if you are purchasing a home that is new to you but not so new. Without knowing the history of the family that lived there before you could be subjecting your family to allergens such as pet dander, dust mites, mold, and viruses from illness. There is also the sometimes unpleasant odor from the daily rituals of the inhabitants before you such as ethnic cooking smells, pet smells, and the biggest being smoke odors. We can completely sanitize and deodorize the entire system so it is fresh and clean for your family in your new home.

Our Services 

Upon completion of a job you can also count on a couple of other things from New England Restoration. Number one you will see the area worked to be vacuumed and cleaned as it was before arrival, but most importantly you can count no hidden charges, no fees that were not already discussed and you will also see that New England Restoration has also made it his business to stay financially competitive, offering the best value for dollars spent.