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If you have ever seen the particles of dust floating in a sunbeam, you have some idea of how much particulate is in the air around you. In fact, the average cubic inch of air contains 100,000 particles. In smoggy cities, this can reach 5,000,000 particles per cubic inch. So we have to be even more mindful of good indoor air quality.

As air passes through the air conditioning and heating units and ductwork of the home, it is only a matter of time before those particles begin collecting on the unit and duct interiors. These accumulated particles will include anything and everything that floats in the house or comes in from the outside. Animal and human skin flakes, ground up stone and dirt particles, hair, mold spores, bacteria, vehicle exhaust fumes - all of these and more begin to collect on the duct interiors, fan, cooling and heating elements, filters, and registers.

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Upon completion of a job you can also count on a couple of other things from New England Restoration. Number one you will see the area worked to be vacuumed and cleaned as it was before arrival, but most importantly you can count no hidden charges, no fees that were not already discussed and you will also see that New England Restoration has also made it his business to stay financially competitive, offering the best value for dollars spent.